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NGCOA Canada Conference Planning

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

NGCOA Golf Business Canada Conference

We try to attend the NGCOA Canada Conference every year and have never been disappointed. The keynote speaker is always motivational and every session provides some great take-aways. There is also ample time for… Read More

#1 New Business App

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Tara and I like to set aside one day a month to talk about our business, how we can do things better, what opportunities are ahead and how we can work more efficiently. Last month one of our ideas for 2014 was to… Read More

How Discounts Are Killing The Golf Industry

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

last minute

In an email this morning Golf Operator Magazine came out with a post titled “Golf Now is Golf FREE”. The essence of the post is that with Golf Now’s recent purchase of “” your golf course’s tee times can now be sold at an all time lowest rate possible. It appears… Read More

Website make-overs

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Off-season marketing work for your golf course is just as important as what you do in the spring and summer to attract golfers to your course. It actually may be even more important to get a jump start on the new season. So what should you be doing from now until March?… Read More

Loudmouth Golf Launches Made-To-Order Internationally

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright colored golf and lifestyle apparel has expanded their popular Made-To-Order (MTO) online product store to their International customers. MTO is Loudmouth’s revolutionary… Read More

How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Golf Course

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Using what you have to get where you want to be has been the watch words touted by marketers around the globe. There are always ways to promote your business but the internet is one of the fastest and… Read More

Property Assessments and Taxes For Golf Courses

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Over $400,000 has been saved by reductions to individual course assessments and structural changes to current assessment practice that have benefited a number of courses. Even though… Read More

The good and bad of Layar

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


Layar is an application that is intended to make the print world clickable. With Layar, publishers and advertisers can quickly and easily activate their static print pages with digital experiences. For example… Read More

Decision Making and Golf

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Decisions by Jim Treliving

Little did I know when I bought a copy of Decisions signed by Jim Treliving himself at an event last fall in Vancouver that it would end with a chapter on golf. I also didn’t know how fascinating I would find Jim’s Story and how much great business advice… Read More

Golf Courses and the Environment

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


The golf industry and golf courses do a lot of good things for the environment. Thanks to Play Golf BC for providing the infographic below… Read More

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