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The good and bad of Layar

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


Layar is an application that is intended to make the print world clickable. With Layar, publishers and advertisers can quickly and easily activate their static print pages with digital experiences. For example… Read More

Decision Making and Golf

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Decisions by Jim Treliving

Little did I know when I bought a copy of Decisions signed by Jim Treliving himself at an event last fall in Vancouver that it would end with a chapter on golf. I also didn’t know how fascinating I would find Jim’s Story and how much great business advice… Read More

Golf Courses and the Environment

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


The golf industry and golf courses do a lot of good things for the environment. Thanks to Play Golf BC for providing the infographic below… Read More

New management for a new season at Saratoga Beach Golf Course & Driving Range

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


New management for a new season at Saratoga Beach (Comox Valley) Golf Course & Driving Range… Read More

PGA of Canada statement regarding Rule 14-1b

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

CPGA National logo.jpeg

I am proud of the position the PGA of Canada has taken on Rule 14-1b (anchored putting). I continue to have the position that I will be anchored putting beyond 2016 as it makes the game more enjoyable for me. If if it does for you… Read More

What is your favourite social media platform?

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


6sMarketing is a local Vancouver Marketing Agency that recently sponsored a study by Insights West that we found fascinating. The study surveyed 838 BC adults between March 2nd and 13th, 2013 regarding their social media use. Not surprisingly… Read More

Golf as a business expense – Not

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Many of you are aware of the golf industry’s efforts to have golf made an allowable business expense. These efforts have been in place for a few years to try to put golf on a level playing field with other sporting events such as… Read More

AGA BC Symposium

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Second Annual AGA BC SymposiumOn March 25th University Golf Club hosted the 2nd annual AGA BC Symposium which brought together golf industry stakeholders from  the six member associations (NGCOA, PGA BC, CSCM, WCTA, BCGSA, and BC Golf) to discuss trends, … Read More

Vancouver Tourism Plan

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


The City of Vancouver, Vancouver Convention Center, Tourism Vancouver and Vancouver Economic Commission have joined forces to create a Vancouver Tourism Master Plan. According to… Read More

Business in 2013

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Statistics Canada defines a small business as having 5 to 100 employees. Most of the people we meet at conferences, meet-ups, tweet ups etc would fall into this category. Even most of our golf course clients would be considered small… Read More

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