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Facebook Best Practices

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA February 2013

We get asked all the time about Facebook and what are some of the best practices to leverage your company or brand’s page! So we thought we would post a blog with our top… Read More

What is a GolfBoard?

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


This new product is so interesting that we had to write about it. GolfBoard is an electronic surf/skate board that is controlled by… Read More

Monetizing Social Media Article

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Jeff was recently published in the National Golf Course Canada’s magazine Golf Business Canada. His article was based on the panel he lead back in November at the NGCOA Canada’s Golf Business Canada Conference… Read More

B.C. Liquor Law Changes

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

BC Government Liquor Law Changes

Today the BC Government annouced support for key liquor law changes that will help businesses… Read More

Unique Business Value Proposition

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Black Mountain Golf Club, Kelowna, BC

Dare to be different! ┬áThe theme of this year’s NGCOA Canada conference was Victory in Victoria. Playing on a nautical theme the goals of the conference were to “Navigate new tools. Sail to profitability and Anchor your success”. In a … Read More

Monetizing Social Media

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

NGCOA Canada Golf Business Conference Hashtag

Jeff had the pleasure of being a speaker/moderator for a session at this year’s NGCOA Canada Conference & Trade Show entitled “How to Monetize Social Media”. The theme was “Engagement is fine, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s all about making money”. The panelists included… Read More

NGCOA Canada Conference Planning

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

NGCOA Golf Business Canada Conference

We try to attend the NGCOA Canada Conference every year and have never been disappointed. The keynote speaker is always motivational and every session provides some great take-aways. There is also ample time for… Read More

Website make-overs

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Off-season marketing work for your golf course is just as important as what you do in the spring and summer to attract golfers to your course. It actually may be even more important to get a jump start on the new season. So what should you be doing from now until March?… Read More

How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Golf Course

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Using what you have to get where you want to be has been the watch words touted by marketers around the globe. There are always ways to promote your business but the internet is one of the fastest and… Read More

Vancouver’s Tourism Master Plan

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

It has always seemed kind of odd that while tourism in Vancouver is said to support over 28,000 jobs that there was never a tourism plan. The industry has just grown organically over the years. However… Read More

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