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Golf as a business expense – Not

Unfair Taxation on the Golf Business
Many of you are aware of the golf industry’s efforts to have golf made an allowable business expense. These efforts have been in place for a few years to try to put golf on a level playing field with other sporting events such as hockey and football games and entertaining clients in a restaurant.  We wrote a blog over a year ago about the issue and the efforts of NAGA (National Allied Golf Association) to correct the unfair way that golf is treated.

Golf and Taxes – February 2012

NAGA met with many MP’s prior to the budget period and FINA (Standing Committee on Finance) considered the request for fair taxation by the golf industry.

Standing Committee on Finance, Pre-budget consultations

Federal Budget 2013
The 2013 Federal Budget was a great disappointment to the golf industry. NAGA’s efforts were ignored and the request for tax fairness was not included. As such the golf industry will continue to suffer from an outdated 40-year old tax policy that singles out the industry.

NAGA is not giving up but is asking golf industry stakeholders to support their efforts by meeting with local MP’s to explain the issue and ask for their support. 

Read the post by NGCOA CEO Jeff Calderwood

Both NAGA and AGA BC (BC’s division of NAGA) have their own websites. Further updates on this process will likely be posted by both associations.


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